28 July 2006

My Boots

A couple days ago I got my second issue of boots. I've been wearing my old pair for about 10 months now and I've got them pretty well broken in by now. Well, I put on the new pair at 0800 and by 1500 my dogs were barking (that means my feet hurt). I went back to my room and put my old pair back on and I can't quite explain how good it felt to put on my old stuff. It was like putting gloves on my feet.

The boot on the left is the old one and the right is the new one. Breaking boots in is, unfortunately, one of those things that you can't really cut corners on, you just have to stick your foot in it and walk around.

(must resist...the urge to.. joke about....sticking my foot up... Ok, I'm better now.)

That's not to say that there aren't techniques that you can use to help it go a bit faster. One technique that I think I'll use on this pair is to take a shower with them on and leave them on as long as I can.

On another note, I found an article on USAToday.com that talks about how terrorist snipers are trained. It cites a training manual that was posted on the internet that gives instructions to terrorists to target medics, tank drivers, and ... communications officers!

Now, this may seem strange, but I take that as quite a compliment. Of the many different targets on the battlefield, those in my line of work seem to be some of the more targeted. That means that the service we provide to the guys who pull triggers is being recognized for its effectiveness.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bandit, I'm just certain that the idea of shooting communications officers was a misprint. You know how mistakes can be made in translations. Happens all the time - I hope! :)
Stay safe, Ben. A lot of people are praying for you and your family. Plumppig

Blogger Flag Gazer said...

Actually, I'm impressed by how good your old boots look after 10 months - lol!

Thanks for the link to the interesting article.

Take care and stay safe.

Anonymous Janet said...

I took into account the time varience and yup...it worked out to about the time I heard a dog or dogs howling his/their heart/s out. Was this your pair of dogs, bandit?????? I sympathize, for while I have never had combat boots, I have had shoes that killed and the desire to levitate can become all consumming!! Glad they do not make you go cold trukey by taking away the old ones at the outset!!

Wishing you ongoing Divine Protection particularly as you mention the targeting of Communications Officers. God Bless...


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