29 July 2006

World War III - Battle Lines

I just finished reading the newest post from Iraq the Model and I must say that I'm somewhat speechless. Omar explains the battle against Islamic extremists from his strategic perspective. As he sees it now, the task is to help the Western world realize what is really at stake.
And if Zawahiri, Nesrallah, Ahmedinejad and Sadr are calling upon extremists whether, Sunni or Shia, from all over the world to put aside their differences and unite in this war against the free world and to establish the Empire of terror from "Afghanistan to Andalus" then this is more than enough reason for you in the free world and for us who are struggling for our freedom to put aside our differences and disagreements and unite, from Sydney to Mumbai to Baghdad to Paris and London all the way till California, all must stand against this evil that is trying to destroy our world.
Read the whole thing.


Blogger andrea/pj's said...

u be well.....please post
when u get back:)

Blogger Rob said...

What are ya touring for? Any details you can give that don't spill any info?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear B36,
recentely i put you on my first to read, before ITM, i respect the brothers' blog and have read it since the very beginning. I am are praying and waiting to here from you, i read on another link from you to another of my new fav's that there will be more going on in B'dad, and now i see a blog link to 33 terrorists killed to the south of b'd, you be safe and YOU all keep up the GOOD work.

Blogger Mike's America said...

It's clear to anyone paying attention that the Islamic fanatics are attempting to cement their alliance. And this Saturday, Hugo Chavez, the dictator of Venezuela appears to be joining them.

Like Mussolini and Hitler, the bad guys are lining up and their egos are unmasking their plans.

The question is: what are we going to do about it? Deceive ourselves into believing they are not serious until it is too late?

Hitler could have been stopped by the French after he remilitarized the Rhineland (breaking the Versailles peace treaty, sound familiar?) without firing shot. But they failed to act.

At the time, everyone thought we could negotiate with Hitler, show him we mean him no harm.

And those who advocated "peace at any price" got no peace and the price was a world scarred by war.

The best way to deal with these periodic outcroppings of evil is to recognize that they can never be appeased and must be defeated before their power grows.


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