28 July 2006

B36 News - 28 July 2006

I've been getting a small bit of criticism about my tag line of "If you're looking for fair and balanced news..." Allow me to clarify my point with this statement.

You can look at any major news outlet and you won't have to look far before you find a headline that points out how many people were killed, how they were killed, and where they were killed. Snuggled in to that same story you'll hear about half a dozen references to sectarian violence, civil war, and quagmire.

I publish good stories from Iraq. Stories that deal with the success of the Coalition and Iraqi Security Forces because there is so much more of that than there is of the kind of stuff you hear on the nightly news. The imbalance between the bad news that is heard about back home and the good things that are happening on the ground here is staggering. This is my attempt to correct that imbalance.

Tip Prevents Attack
The people of Iraq are very concerned with removing the cancer of terror from their country and they are taking an active role in doing so. More than 260,000 have volunteered to serve in the Iraqi security forces, but their service doesn't stop there. Highlighting this fact is this story about an Iraqi citizen who provided a tip to the ISF that resulted in the capture of 58 pipe bombs, 3 RPGs, and two IEDs along with the 8 terrorists who were planning to use these weapons to attack a local police checkpoint. From start to finish, this was an Iraqi operation, a perfect example of what life will be like after the Coalition leaves.

All Kinds of Action
The link above will take you to the CENTCOM Press Release page. It's one of the many websites that I review every day to find the good news from Iraq. Today as I was browsing through the stories I found I was having difficulty picking which ones to highlight so I decided to put up a link to them all. When you look at this site check out how many stories there are about successful missions where bad guys were killed/captured and their weapons siezed. Ladies and gentlemen, this is progress.

Can I Go First?
Recently in his trial, Saddam requested that if (when) he is convicted that he be executed by firing squad rather than hang as is the custom here. My only comment is that I'd like to be selected to the team. Where do I sign up?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bandit, ignore the critics. They will complain about form or substance or both. What they lack in logic the make up with silliness like this. Criticism such as this has the odor of CNN, msm and alphabet networks. Not many Americans take them very seriously anymore, compared to the "Fair and Balanced" network which sets that standard.

Blogger Mike H. said...

anon. I'm starting to get perturbed with the 'Fair and Balanced Network', it seems that they are turning into Al-Manar jr. I see these babes come on and spew their propaganda with no challenges at all (once on Greta and once on o'reilley and this morning with the Israeli Ambassador). I understand that Fox has reporters in Tyre and Beruit but they don't have to give hizbhirabah face time in our country. They get enough face time over there, and we still have a small unfinished problem concerning 241 juggies and hizbhirabah.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike h - Say what?


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