30 July 2006

Ask A Troop Sunday

(This sign is posted by the pool on the Embassy compound. People who work for the Department of State are authorized to drink alcohol, however not while they have a weapon.)

Ask a Troop Sunday is back again. This is the open call for all questions, comments, rants, and idiocy that is otherwise prohibited. If you ask a question I'll do my best to answer it completly, but if the answer compromises OPSEC you'll get to see me do a little tap dance.

Remember, I'm going on a trip so it may be a couple days before I can reply, but I'll answer everyone who asks a question.

Fire away!


Blogger MarksMomma said...

So, who is the cutest baby in the world? And who is the most wonderful wife? =o))) I think you should dedicate one day a week to posting about US! =o)Love you!

Anonymous Anna said...

Ah, yes, baby blog! ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear B36, i would like to ask about your friend Ali's family. Do you know how they are faring and/or if they have any help? (no disrespect to marksmomma and little mark)

Blogger The Griper said...

well, hello marksmomma,

tis a real pleasure to finally meet the family of this "bandit" that i admire so much. and i think i speak for the rest of his fans here too. i may not post a comment too many times but i am a daily reader of his blog here.


was going over the chart of important issues to the iraqis. i got the feeling that the need for independence and a secure feeling in themselves were the attributes most exhibited in the survey. is this what you are witnessing also?

if so, seems as if that in itself would make your mission over there a worthwhile mission.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Ben, as the pros say, "Keep your head down." Hope to hear from you often. Had a wonderful chat with Katie earlier today. God bless you all. You're all in my prayers, always.

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

MarksMomma (a.k.a. teh Whafy),
I think you're right. Henceforth, Saturday shall be known as FAMILYDAY! and all posts that day will be dedicated to my wonderful wife and son.

Unfortunately no, I haven't been able to find out how they're doing. Ali lived outside the IZ and I'm all but prohibited from traveling outside the IZ so the chances of me getting to go meet them is very slim.

My experience has been that Iraqis are very proud and patriotic people. They appreciate that we've removed Saddam and now are working towards being able to run their own country. Their focus is mainly on being able to function on their own and getting Coalition forces out of Iraq is seen as more of a step in the process of achieveing that goal as opposed to a goal itself.

Thanks for the paryers, they help more than you would think!


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