18 May 2006

Playing Catchup

Well I guess a bunch has happened since my last post. A couple days ago the unit shirts arrived and I'm really happy with them. All of the troops who have picked up their shirts have been really pleased with them. We have a policy in the unit that a troop can wear the unit shirt instead of the standard Army PT shirt while doing PT and I imagine that a bunch of them ordered one just to be able to wear something else. I'll put up a pic of one when I manage to get a camera and a shirt together.

I also rebroke my tooth. This time I was just chewing away and suddenly the piece that the docs had plastered on just kind of slid off. I think this was back on Monday and I still haven't gotten it fixed yet. Work's been kinda crazy lately and I haven't had the time to get out to the hospital to get it fixed.

I've noticed lately that I'm getting more easily irritable. In situations where I used to have a lot of patience I find that now I'm snapping and being more abrupt. I think I'm just getting tired, but the good news is that it's only about a month until I go on R&R and get to meet my boy! I'm really looking forward to that.

I'd also like to take this moment to attempt to reclaim a long lost symbol of American strength. What has become commonly known as the "peace sign", holding up the index and middle finger while keeping the other digits balled in the palm, was once known as the "V for victory". When people were parading in the streets holding up the "V" they weren't celebrating peace, they were celebrating victory. People were carrying America's war-fighters on their shoulders and showering them with ticker-tape and kisses to congratulate them on the victory that had been achieved. In light of this, I'd like to make the first step towards putting the "peace sign" out of business.


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