30 May 2006

We ARE Winning

I was watching the news a couple days ago and saw a lady, I can't remember her qualifications, look into the camera and say, "The American public is unhappy with the war because we're losing." My first reaction was to put my fist through the screen and it took me a bit to calm down, but once I did I realized how foolish it was of me to let myself get so angry since what she was saying was so rediculous. I really hope people don't believe her.

We're winning the war. Every day Iraq moves closer to being able to operate independently of Coalition support. I think British Prime Minister Tony Blair put it beautifully when he made the comment that the terrorists understand what's at stake and they know why they're fighting, do we? We're fighting so that Iraq can be a strong, democratic, and self-governing nation. President Bush has said it repeatedly, democracies do not war with eachother, and he's right too.

What this woman's comments tell me about her and those who share her point of view is that they put concern for their personal politics ahead of their concern for troops. What would be a person's motivation for saying that we're losing the war? Certainly not the truth because the truth is that we're winning. If we weren't then how is it possible that Iraq held democratic elections and now have a government? Some people may try to use the lack of WMDs or the US death count as evidence that we're losing the war. It's a fact that these are unfortunate aspects of the conflict, no argument from me there, but they're not proof that we're losing. So why would a person make a blatantly false and wrong statement? Unlike many people from both sides of politics, I believe that believe in the reasonable person standard or common sense and keeping this in mind, I'll let the reader make up their own mind about why people say we're losing the war. I only ask that the reader make an effort to dispute the rediculous claims that are in my opinion the result of petty politics.

Once extremists take Iraq by force we will have lost. Losing is the path to lost and I'd have to say that we're not losing since extremists are not taking Iraq by force. We are NOT losing.

Once Iraq's elected government says that they're ready to handle their own security and don't need the Coalition any more we will have won. Winning is the path to won and I'd have to say that we're winning since Iraq has an elected government and is in the process of standing up their own security forces. We ARE winning.

Prove me wrong.


Blogger Trevor said...

Oh, I think you are right.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most American citizens know and agree with you that we are winning in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's a tough road and like the one from Valley Forge, leaves too many bloody footprints. God bless you and all who serve abroad for the USA.

Blogger Luv2Box said...

Believe it or not, there are quite a few of us who know about all the good work you are doing over in Iraq. We can't rely on our liberal biased media to get the news but leave it to you to give us the straight skinny. We support you. We admire you and most of all, we respect the sacrifices you are making! God bless!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm Canadian--and I cannot thank the American people enough for their courage, particularly those in the military. I am so proud and thankful to have a neighbour who is dedicated to the peace of the world--God bless you all, and God bless the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The purple finger speaks for itself and freedom!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The purple finger speaks for itself and freedom!

Blogger Lola said...

Just like the picture shows - we have accomplished a victory in Iraq and will continue to accomplish more with time. So many good things have happened. Today as I watched the NBC Nightly News I had to turn it off as the main stories screamed - "many more dead in Iraq, and did our troops massacre Iraqi civilians?" It just makes me discouraged, disgruntled and most of all disgusted with their media tactics. I know there are more stories out there that aren't being heard. I also understand that unfortunate events do happen but we could at least hear of the progress on the days when there aren't deaths or bombings. We are winning and we owe it to our troops to remind our fellow Americans of this as often as possible.

Blogger Rob said...

Looks like you're developing a following. Keep up the good work. And no, I haven't received the pkg yet. I'm sure it'll show up soon. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys rock. All there is to it.

Our media is controlled by a group of elites who have some odd perspective on the world. It's so easy to view and critique the situation in the Middle East as one described by the lack or presence of WMD's or the latest casualty figures or the death of an al-Quaida leader. The dynamics at play, however are so much more complex than any one, ten or one hundred individual facets can convey. I hate to say it, because it is applicable to some of my best friends and family, but the simplified view of the world seems to be easier, intellectually, for many Americans to handle. To ponder the true, deep, long-term, historical, sociological, religious and cultural issues in play and at stake seems a bridge too far for them. We are, in the West, often a bit of a lazy child. We want our bread with the crusts removed for us; our steak cut into bite-sized pieces. It's easier to chew on these individual assertions: ANOTHER mosque destroyed means that we're losing; ANOTHER roadside bomb, so we cannot be winning; ANOTHER soldier killed, ANOTHER judge assasinated, etc.

If only we were able to see and hear our troops in action. To see them assisting Iraqis rebuild their nation; making friends with families; constructing roads and bridges, water lines and sewers, etc, would be wonderful. Let's see the coalition forces actually engaged in combat. Those folks with the odd perspective on the world, though, won't let that happen. No doubt someone decided that won't sell as many newspapers or minutes of advertising during the news hour. Oh. well. Keep up the noble work...you have the satisfaction of sleeping with the knowledge that you are changing the world every day... for the better. You guys rock. All there is to it. May God bless you.


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