02 March 2006

Cool stuff

Here's the first "contractor" weapon that I've been able to take a picture of. It's an AR-15 that's been modified with the following from left to right: Collapsable stock, flat-top upper receiver, a side-by-side magazine holder, holographic reflex sight, vertical hand grip, and shortened barrel. This kind of rig is designed for putting out a lot of firepower quickly to shock the badguys long enough to get away and for being maneuverable inside a cramped armored vehicle.

Below is a picture of something I created. I took an existing animated graphic and put it into a powerpoint show with the text surrounding the character in the middle. I printed out this picture and taped it onto the screen of my computer so that on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning when people stop by and say, "Where the heck is LT?" they'll see this and hopefully back slowly out the door as I glare at them over the top of my glasses and call the stapler a liar. =)

This is the animated pic that I used =)


Blogger Rob said...

That's a pretty sick little toy.

Anonymous BensBabe said...

Hehe, here I am painting cute froggies for our little baby boy, while you are creating artwork to scare people! Hmmmmm.....
Hope you had a great day. I love you!!!!
The Wahfy +babyboy

Blogger Justin said...

wow. i love it. on both accounts. beautifully modded and exquistely created. i like the original cartoon as well.

Blogger Robert F. Griffing said...

Now post the pictures of sawed-off flyrods, with double reels, all designed to cast a deer-hair mouse imitation from the inside an armored vehicle into an irrigation canal--all done in camo, of course.


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