08 February 2006

LT knows best

Over the last couple months an issue of dispute on network management policy has arisen between my site and Victory. The guys at Victory (not in my unit) think that it should be managed one way and we think it should be managed another. Unfortunately, the Victory guys are able to force their point of view on us and we're feeling the pain. These guys are either well above my pay-grade and/or experience level so naturally they carry a bit more weight than I do, just means I have to hit a sensitive spot when I throw a punch if I want to get my way. Over the course of the last few days I've been putting together a paper that outlines exactly what I'm dealing with as a result of their forcing us to work their way and today I was Mohammad Ali. I found some data that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that their way is flawed and is severely impacting us and made the case for a good compromise that I think everyone can be happy with.

Sometime before the end of this week I should be able to see if I've managed to hit them where it hurts and what they're willing to do about it.

Also, today something kind of interesting happened. Up until about 1600 I was feeling like crap, both physically and emotionally, to the point where I was having a hard time focusing on a single topic for more than a few seconds. A little after 1600 I put my headphones on and turned on some of what I like to call, "wake-up" music. It's basically very loud and angry music, lots of yelling and growling involved. I call it wake-up music because back in Germany when I was on my way to PT in the morning I would play this music as loud as I could without disturbing those still asleep along my route. Today when I put my headphones on I searched my playlist for the loudest and angriest music I could find and just stared at the Windows Mediaplayer designs dance across the screen for about 5 minutes. Whooee, did it ever work like a charm! After the yelling and thumping bass quieted down I felt much better and I was able to finish off a bunch of work in very little time. Makes me go, "hmmm..."

As for registering, yes, I am going to register it. If the leader doesn't follow higher's guidance, why should those that follow that leader. It's the right thing to do to protect troops. I'll have to hold my tounge on various issues knowing that subordinates and superiors will be reading what I write, but if that means one troop is more likely to come home vertical, I'm all for it.


Blogger Larry L. Bradley said...

Well Hon, another great entry in your blog. I'll be praying that the problem (NOT issue) gets worked out. Sometimes being right means being wrong, but that is no reason not to fight the battle. I have a lot of respect for the way you understand the political and interpersonal realities of the circumstances you are in. That is all "money in the bank" you can draw on when you return to the "real" world. Take good care of yourself and your troops, Hon. I love you more than Wainwright! Dad

Blogger Rob said...

Thanks for the Christmas goodies. Got em the other day. Pretty sweet. I'll put em on my truck for sure when it gets out of the shop. Ya know what's kinda wierd, "wakeup music" for me is chill mellow stuff. It doesn't wake me up so much, as I guess it helps me clear my mind so I can focus.

Anonymous BensBabe said...

Heheh, if I listened to what you call "wake up music" I fear that I would accidently beat up or kill someone. Has no calming effect on me whatsoever. Makes me angry for no reason. Weird how different people are wired so differently. =o) Makes life so much more interesting!
Hmm. I still need to read one more chapter before going to bed. So won't write more just now. Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE YOU! I mean, I LUB j00! =o) The Wahfy +babyboy

Anonymous justin said...

I totally hear ya on the wakeup music man. i'm so there. what kind of stuff do you like? Underoath? Norma Jean? the likes thereof? i've always found those to be good wake up. lately i've been into Project 86 and Showbread. anyhoo...i'm a nerd. what are you?


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