02 February 2006


I called Katie today after she got out of the doc's office to find out what the verdict was and it seems that our first will be a boy. I had really been hoping that this would be the case since I really have no idea what I'd do with a girl. I mean, I was a boy, I know what I thought was cool and I know how to deal with boy type issues. If the kid were a girl I'd not only have to learn how to be a dad, but how to interact with a girl.

Now I'll get to teach my son how to spit and play catch and video games and all that other cool stuff.

Woah, wait a sec ... my son. That sounds weird! My son. Wow.


Anonymous BensBabe said...

Yay! It sure was fun finding out that our baby is a boy!!! I am so excited we are having a little son. I think it will be fun (but lots of work) having a miniature version of Ben running/crawling around our house...! Just remember Babe, now I have to learn the whole spiel of what little boys like, how they play, how to take care of them, HOW TO CHANGE THEIR DIAPERS WITHOUT BEING PEED ON... yeah. Anyway, I join you in saying, "Yay!".... LUB!

Blogger Rob said...

I'll join in on the "Yay!" too. Congratulations, bunches. =) Coolest thing that's happened to us in a while. Katie, the trick to not getting peed on is make Ben change the diapers. ;)

Anonymous Justin said...

dude. congrats that rocks. totally.

Blogger Robert F. Griffing said...

I'll start stocking up on throwing rocks right away! I'll get to teach my "young relative" to fish, and better yet, to tell fishing stories. We're being our usual helpful selves with names as well. Honoring Ben's heritage, my favorite (for the last 3 hours, likely to stay that way for another 2) is Olaf Nils. That way you'll be able to communicate with less verbiage, as in: (when he's having personal devotions) "Why is it so quiet in our son's room?" Answer: "Olaf kneels." :-)


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