04 February 2006

Day off-on-off-on

It used to be that my day off was Saturday, but it would seem that time off and being responsible don't go hand in hand. Sure, things would still get done without me being at my desk, but since I'm still a little new to the whole being in charge of the network thing I have to be involved with it. Saying, "Sorry, I can't make that meeting, it's my day off," just isn't the mark of a good manager and I don't feel like I've done enough yet to qualify as a good manager. Wouldn't want to cut my own legs out from underneath me. I guess I feel like I'm still in the "honeymoon" phase and I need to show that I intend to be involved and productive, not just the military rubber stamp.

There's been a lot of talk over here lately of having to register Soldier-run blogs because of operational security interests. For some reason the though of people I know and work with reading what I write kind of ruins the whole thing for me. I completely understand and agree with the logic behind it, we're in a place where saying the wrong thing could result in someone getting killed and there needs to be some kind of control in place to help prevent that. OPSEC hasn't ever been an issue with me, I've always screened my own stuff to make sure that I was in line, my problem is knowing that content that is intended to be read by people who are close to me or whose opinion doesn't matter is being read by people who I don't necessarily confide in AND whose opinion of me DOES matter puts me on my guard which defeats the purpose of the whole thing. It's frusterating because I know that registering blogs is the right thing to do, but it means compromising something that I've come to really enjoy. After a tough day at work I could vent here and be done with it.

Before I got set up with a blog I was writing in a diary of sorts that Kaite gave me right before I left. I type much, MUCH faster than I write though and my handwriting is horrible, plus I'm more of a computer guy than a book guy so blogs made much more sense to me than a diary. Unfortunately it would seem that I'm going to have to resort back to that for a lot of my more personal ... things.

I hate that it makes so much sense (I can't even use my patented response to battalion of, "that is rediculous"), but it's the right thing to do to protect troops.


Blogger Rob said...

Gonna reg it or gonna be a bad El Tee and keep it a secret? ;)

Anonymous justin said...

uhm, like, comment. that's all i feel safe saying these days;)


wow. double action.


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