22 February 2006

What a beautiful day

Man, the last couple days out here have been absolutely gorgeous! Sunny and warm, but not too hot, clear blue skies (once you look above the refinery smog and dust). I went for a walk today after lunch. It was the first time I've really just gone out and about for a stroll for no particular reason. It was nice to see people other than those I've been working with daily out here.
It was strange to see how many "contractors" there are here. I guess I should be used to it by now, but walking to and from the PX area during lunch I got to see everyone coming out of the wood-work. Of particular interest was the array of weaponry that they carry. Mostly the contractors carry M4 variants, but mixed in is the occasional AK47, a cut-down version of the SAW, or my personal favorite, a long rifle. It takes every ounce of self-control to not go up to the guys with the long rifles and ask about them, but I'm sure they'd really rather not talk about it with someone they don't know. Of course when I say "contractor" I mean mercenary. I think I'll start taking pictures of these weapons, I don't figure they'd object to just taking a picture of the weapon and not them.


Anonymous brian said...

I work for a contractor... is that a bad thing? :)

Anonymous justin said...

they're interesting people...i've met the type. i don't think i'd do it(merc work) and i sure as hell wouldn't use a long rifle. for anything but varmints.

Blogger Robert F. Griffing said...

Just let me know if you see any of them walking around with fishing rods. You gotta watch out for mercenary fishermen.

Anonymous BensWahfy said...

Hehe, here is what a valley-girl would say to your comment:
oh, very cool that the gospel is being spread to Iraq, too! Oh wait, that would be missionaries, not mercenaries.
Watch out for the ones with the potato-guns. They are the most ornerous. =o))))))
LUB j00!


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