04 October 2006

Media Questions to MG Caldwell

MG Caldwell is the spokesman for Multi-National Forces-Iraq, the headquarters that drives the fight in Iraq. Every week he holds a press conference here in Baghdad that is the source of the OTF maps that I post here. At the end of each brief he opens up the floor for a question and answer session with the media. Digital copies of the whole brief are published on the MNF-I.com website and I watch them all.

While watching this one I was struck by the questions that were asked of MG Caldwell and thought I would make it easy for everyone else to see what he goes up against every week. I cut together clips of the questions that these 'journalists' asked into a single video that you see here.


Anonymous Leta said...

What the ???? Do these guys just roll out of bed and "show" up for the camera while their stringers are out getting the "news" (tongue in cheek of course) for them? Have they inhaled too much of something or been out in the sun too long? Unbelievable.

Blogger The Griper said...

Geez,, no wonder the MSM reports what they do and as they do. These guys have no idea of what a war is all about. Their questions are the type that you'd hear asked of a police officer in regards to a local crime.

Aren't there any real war correspondents anymore? A better question might be, don't our schools recognize the difference and need to train good reporters with particular specialties or areas?

Blogger Soldier's Dad said...

I asked some questions -

1)It is patently obvious, the the Peshmerga are guarding the Koreans up in Irbil, is there are reason that the ISF are not listed as "In The Lead" in Irbil? Is it that the Peshmerga are not technically considered ISF?

2) What is happening with Ar Rutbah? Last year some berms and checkpoints were set up and there hasn't been any news since.

3) The latest briefing has 58 Coalition FOB's remaining,The 101st briefed that 11 remained in MNF-N, the 2nd BCT/4th ID has 3 in MNF-SC. where are the remaining FOB's?


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