01 October 2006

Ask A Troop Sunday

I met this 'little' guy early Thursday morning as I was getting ready for my first meeting of the day. I had just sat down at my desk and was leaning forward on the desk while I clicked open my email when I felt a slight brush on my right ear. The door was open behind me and I figured I had just caught a gust of wind so I didn't think anything of it, but then I felt it again, a bit more scratchy though. As I lifted my hand to brush away whatever it was the wind had blown onto my neck I turned to watch it fall. That's when I saw the tail.

I only saw it from the corner of my eye, so when it started moving I thought it was a scorpion. I jumped out of my chair and started swatting at my shoulder, trying to knock the scorpion away and after a furious bout I stopped to look around and see where it fell. That's when I felt it scratch my ear again.

With visions of scorpion stingers stuck in my ear I frantically started shaking my ACU top with one hand to keep him off balance while trying to unzip it with the other hand so I could toss him away. I managed to get the zipper about half way down when the bug fell off and landed at my feet.

I stopped to get a look at the vicious menace that was threatening my earlobe and watched in slight amazement as he scrambled back over to my boot and up my calf. After showing him off to my buddies and recounting how I had done the disposal dance I ended up setting him free on a nearby palm tree.


Ask A Troop Sunday is the day when I entertain anyone with any point of view no matter how idiotic it is. If you want to claim that President Bush is actually being controled by space aliens who are trying to get us to thin eachother out so they can swoop in and plunder our corn crops to power their interstellar craft, here's your chance.


Anonymous Solo said...

That's a lot nicer critter than the the one I encountered when I put my hand on my front doorknob on Friday. Almost shook hands with a wasp. Have you dealt much with coalition troops from other countries and if so,have you had much feedback from them on how they feel about being in Iraq?

Anonymous flaggazer said...

Don't hurt the praying mantis!!! Their purpose is bug disposal and cammoflauge! But, I imagine it gave you quite the start!!!

Blogger Louise said...

Are praying mantises carnivors? He was just looking for a bit of blood.

Blogger dcat said...

Praying mantis is a nice bug. Means we are all praying for you and he is a reminder. ^..^

Blogger The Griper said...

I see that the Tanker Bros have you down for two days this week on the Victory Fast. Does the little woman know you are fasting just make room for all her delicious meals you'll get when you get home?

Oh, and all of you be prepared to duck when you visit dcat's home. she's on a rampage today. lol

Blogger dcat said...

am not! ;) ^..^

Blogger Louise said...

dcat just has claws, right dcat? ;-)

Blogger gawfer said...

New visitor here today. Picked you off Anna's sight "A Rose By any other Name", and am pleased with what I see.

Thank you for choosing to stand between my family and an enemy that would destroy them if the opportunity arose.

Navy Veteran here, so

Go Navy!

Blogger dcat said...

Um...No Louise but don't tell anyone! ;)

Blogger Mike H. said...

Ummmm, how did you find out about the aliens? You do realize that we're going to have to take you in for questioning, don't you?

Blogger Mike H. said...

Outstanding Tribute to SFC Howard

Blogger MarksMomma said...

Hey Babe! Hehe, sounds like your animal magnetism is working yet again... that's a nice-sized praying mantis! I would say though that it is probably a "she"... everyone was referring to the critter as "he"... the males are much smaller, and don't venture out as much. And to answer louise's question, yes, they are carnivores! The females even eat the males after/during mating! (The male is still able to "perform", even after his head has been bitten off by the female... not that anyone wanted to know this) =o)
Anyway, can't wait til you get back home!
Love you!
Your Wahfy

Blogger Louise said...

LOL!!! The females even eat the males after/during mating! (The male is still able to "perform", even after his head has been bitten off by the female... not that anyone wanted to know this) =o)

Does anyone remember an episode of the Bill Cosby show where he and his wife are watching a nature show on TV that's talking about some bug that does same thing? Anyway, it was quite hilarious.

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

I have met and worked (a bit) with some troops from the UK's Royal Navy and we never really got into the right vs. wrong of the war. Judging by their conduct, they're more concerned with doing their job (helping win the war) than whether or not they think we should be here. True professionals all around.

The Griper,
Yep, Wednesday and Saturday I'm going to be participating in the Rolling Victory Fast hosted by the Tanker Brothers!

Mike H.,
I didn't find out about the aliens, I'm one of them ... or was I a CIA agent? I can't remember, guess I better track down the guys who tell me what to say and ask them.

Blogger devildog6771 said...

I'm going to break the train of thought here and ask you a question. Some time back when the subways were bombed in the UK, one of the big religious leaders issued a statement of condemnation. Everyone was so pleased to see that one of the most respected religious leaders offered his support in the war on terror.

However a reporter was doing a story on this leader. He came across the leader's speech in an Arabic Newspaper. He was readung it for background info since he was fluent in Arabic. To his surprise he found that the same thing in that paper said something else entirely different.

The jest of the speech was that the bombings were a joyous event. That their goal was to destroy "us" infidels and spreaed our remains in the winds to the four corners of the world.

Do you find that the religiuos leaders in Iraq are equally dulplicitous? I have also read from numerous sources that the religious leaders there are trained or taught by Saudi Arabia, that the military training and quite a bit of manpower comes from or through Iraq, and that besides "unrestricted entry into Iraq, Syria also provides material support.

I don't want you to violate any OPSEC Regs so simply ignore those questions you feel fall in that area. That will only imply to me you don't know or can't say.


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