26 September 2006


Lining the walls where we line up for chow are several bulletin borads with the usual lost & founds, ads for people selling stuff, notices for various religious and social gatherings. Today as I was walking past I noticed one in particular. It was a newspaper clipping that someone had laminated and pinned up with a short note. This is what I saw:
It's a big picture, but it's well worth your time to download and read.

This and Sunshine's post from a couple days ago is the kind of thing that make it worth it.


Anonymous billie said...

Another story that makes me go...Awwwwwww


Anonymous Brian said...

As pretty much every electronic device (including my ipod) has been reminding me for most of the day so far, it's your Birthday... So happy 25th "Bandit", I wish you the best of days oh you my borther in law.. Have a cup of ash on me (loved the post) :).

Look forward to seeing you in a few months,

Love Yah

Blogger Rob said...

Great story.

Blogger Canuckistani said...

Mmmmm...yummy. A big, strong, hot man in uniform going all soft on meeting a little boy. Nothing is sweeter than that.

I find it amazing that the curiosity of children overcomes their fear and they get up close to these big guys in uniform carrying big guns. Something tells me the kids understand the soldiers intentions better than the adults.

Blogger Canuckistani said...

By the way, word on the news here yesterday was many US soldiers currently in Iraq are having their deployments extended. Are you one of those?

Anonymous Anna said...

Another awesome story and picture. I received one in my email and had to post about it. You guys and gals are awesome and the children know who they can trust...that's why they come running. (and it's not because you all have candy and toys for them!)

Blogger Bennetts said...

Thank you! My son has Down syndrome and it is amazing the spirit he brings into our lives.
Thank You for caring!
I have family over there with you all and come from a long line of armed forces. Be safe all!


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