04 October 2006

Operation Together Forward Update

MNF-I just released the latest update on Operation Together Forward. The map on the right is from last week, on the left is this week. If you remember, last week's map was different than previous maps because they got rid of the 'hazy yellow' sections that were highlighting the neighborhoods that we were operating in. The black and yellow striped sections now illustrate areas that are being patrolled in a focused manner.

MG Caldwell can give you some more insight into exactly what these maps mean.

And while I'm at it, the picture you see here shows everything I've consumed today in support of Rolling Victory Fast.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have just pulled up your blog in a Senior Warrant Officer Course where we are discussing OPSEC. You are a fucking moron, why don't you just give out everyone's top secret information as soon as you get it. Get off the air you idiot. Stop posting this information, you aiding and abetting the enemy you block head.

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

Firstly, your profanity is not appreciated. I'm perfectly capable of understanding the severity of your point without it.
Secondly, the information I publish here comes straight from www.mnf-i.com PRESS BRIEFINGS!!! If you have an issue with that then I'd suggest you take it up with Major General William Caldwell.

Thank you for your concern.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been catching up on your blog and I came across this one where you are railed by someone attending the Senior Warrent Officer Course. Maybe John Kerry was right about some of the non-educated ending up in Iraq. Sounds like one may be attending the SWOC. Keep up the great work B36 and stay safe.

"Ole Sarge"


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