30 September 2006


My sweetie and my son made it back to Germany in one piece and I'm another week closer to seeing them again. I've found that by focusing on weekly occurrences rather than daily ones, that time here seems to go faster. Every Saturday I can't help thinking, "Is it FAMILYDAY again already?" I'll have to remember to do the opposite when I get back so that time seems to take longer.

It's amazing how by just looking at pictures like this I can just melt my anxieties away. Whenever there's something stressing me out I can just look at a picture of my family for a minute and everything else will come into focus. Those big looming monsters threatening to make life suck suddenly become nothing more than pesky annoyances.


Anonymous Leta said...

B36 - I admire and respect you for many reasons but putting your family in perspective as you do really shoots you to the top of the list! Thank you so very much for "sharing" them with us. So many of us are VERY GRATEFUL to you and those who serve along with your families. There will NEVER be a way to fully express our gratitude to you.

Anonymous Solo said...

When you show "family day" pics it causes me to get a big grin. I can only imagine what the pics do for you. Isn't that one of your goals there? To make sure every child has the chance to feel safe and secure enough to wear a smile like the one Mark has there? That every father can gaze at a picture of his family, and look forward to getting home to them at the end of the day? Marksmomma may not think so, but she's a hero too. With all the support there is for the troops, there's nothing that can compare to the support of family. Smile on Mark! You are the armor that shields your dad's spirit.

Anonymous MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Wow! He's growing by leaps & bounds.

Thanks so much for the work you do on this blogspot, for ALL you do! It's appreciated more than you know.

Blogger Louise said...

He's soooo cute. I'd love to pick him up and squeeze him. He'd probably start crying just at the sight of me, though. At least this way I can enjoy looking at the cute little cuddly guy without making him cry.

Blogger dcat said...


May this week fly faster then the last! :)

Anonymous JG said...

Mark is definately growing and just in the time since you reshowed the same picture, Mark has changed from baby to little boy and a very cute one at that. Thanks for sharing. Take care Bandit and God Bless!

Blogger Canuckistani said...

Awwwww, cute. I just want to scoop him up and plant some sugar on those chubby cheeks!!!

Anonymous Anna said...

Awwww! So great to see such a wide-eyed healthy baby! I'm sure you are anxious to get home to him and your lovely wife! Stay safe and keep your head down!


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