03 October 2006

B36 News - 03 October 2006

I was looking at my referral list on my hit counter yesterday and came across an unusually high number of hits from WillToExist.com, a milblog run by a fellow patron of the IZ. When I checked out his website I saw that he had posted a link to my blog as an alternative to his own as he's getting ready to redeploy (go home).

It got me thinking about how I'm going to handle this blog once I follow his lead and vacate my spot in the IZ, a day that's not too far away (big smile here). I think that once we start to really buckle down with getting ready to roll out of here I'll drop back to only posting the news once or twice a week and continue that pace once I get back as most of my free time will be put into my family.

ISF Own Fallujah
Yesterday in a ceremony held in Fallujah, the 4th Brigade of the 1st Iraqi Army Division was turned over to Iraqi control. Fallujah is one of the larger cities in the Anbar province, a province that I've revently been focusing on in reaction to the negative coverage.

To followup on the 'Optimistic in Ramadi' story I posted yesterday, I found this clip of COL MacFarland talking about why things are improving in Ramadi.

ISF Own Diyala
In another ceremony yesterday, Iraqi troops from the 3rd Brigade of the 5th Iraqi Army Division also took responsibility for their area of operations. With the 3rd Brigade now under Iraqi control, all of Diyala is protected by Iraqis so the next time you see a graphic highlighting the areas of Iraq controled by Iraqis you'll see a lot more green.

Iraqi Army Schools
Training is a big deal in the US military. We are trained by the best in everything we do so that we can become the best, be it shooting, driving, or building communications networks. The Iraqi Army is using the same model to train their troops in their areas of expertise, and one job that has no room for untrained troops is explosive ordnance disposal (EOD).

EOD is the group of guys who are responsible for destroying IEDs, they're the bomb squad, and in Iraq there is plenty of opportunity to perfect your skills as an EOD technician.


Anonymous Solo said...

Can't wait to read that "Coming Home" blog. I have a niece that may doing a short, but still too long deployment over there with a medical unit.

Blogger dcat said...

Nice to hear that Bandit! :)


Blogger The Griper said...

Are you telling bandit to shirk his duty by telling him to come down with the hives? shame,,,shame. lol

what you might think avout is adding your replacement to this blog if he decided to accept your invite to blog as we thought about earlier.


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