15 October 2006

Ask A Troop Sunday

Chances are you know the drill, but on the off chance you don't, this is your chance to ask or say anything to a Soldier in the US Army that you've ever wanted. Just bear in mind that whatever answer I give is mine alone and should not be considered an official DoD statement.


Blogger dcat said...

Not a ? of any doubt. What you post is the news!

Ok what is the temp?

We have rain here in Washington State today nothing new.

I want to tell you thank you Bandit! Blessings on you and the family always.

Blogger The Griper said...

hi bandit and dcat,

just a word of thanks bandit. has been a very real pleasure being one of your readers.

btw if you and dcat haven't read Iraq the model yet, you might traipse on over there. he has a story of a policeman that was killed there that really exemplifies how well the troops there have done in training the Iraqis. A fine example of heroism at its best.

Blogger dcat said...

Hi Griper,
Been there done that! Didn't you see my post? LOL :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

2006, in general how would you rate ledership, tops, 1st lieutenants etc.

I served when dirt was new.


Blogger Arcticman Speaks! said...

How's the chow over there? When I served up here in Alaska I was a 94B (Spoon). Thanks Bandit, to you and everyone over there. You people are doing great work. Outstanding! If you ever make it back to the 49th state look me up!

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

If you served back when dirt was new, than you should know that it would be inappropriate for me to comment on my buddies, leaders, or subordinates.

If my boss tells me to do something and it's legal, I do it, even if I think it's stupid. I'm sure you know, but for every one else's benefit this obedience isn't because we're mindless robots, it's part of the oath we take. The same goes for the troops who answer to me.

I have learned a lot from everybody I've met here, though. I try and observe everyone and learn something from them whether it's a PFC or a COL. Whether they do something well or poorly, I try and learn from it. Over the last year I've done some things that I thought were absolutely rediculous right up until I finished them and saw how the result made perfect sense.

I don't think anyone wakes up and thinks, "Hmmm, how can I make Bandit's life suck today?" People just have different methods for getting the job done and sometimes life sucks while you're doing it. But hey, I didn't sign up because I thought life would be roses and sunshine every day so I guess it works out.

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

I've been to chow at several FOBs around Baghdad and each has it's strengths and weaknesses. In my opinion, the Embassy DFAC has the best tasting food, but not a great selection. The Victory DFAC by far has the most options and tastes pretty good. But there are three things that make each and every DFAC I've been to outstanding:

1) - FREE FOOD & DRINKS: I grab two Gatorades each time I get chow and am sitting on a stockpile that should last me and the new guy about two weeks.
2) - I DON'T COOK IT: Eating food that you don't cook always seems a bit dishonest to me. I know it's really not, but it's a little indulgence I allow myself.
3) - I DON'T CLEAN IT: I have to be careful here, this isn't to say that I make a mess because I know someone else has to clean it up, there's just no dishes to wash so I can get right back to what I was doing.

The bottom line is that if I don't cook it, clean it, or pay for it, it's good food!

Blogger dcat said...

Bandit LOL :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks bandit

Bravo Zulu

RD >:

Blogger devildog6771 said...

Bandit, I'm goni to miss your reports when you go hoime. What I most like about them is that you provide good support, like your maps, for your reports that make it hard for anyone whgo will not see to miss. Thank you for that.
I wish you well and your family upon your safe return. Enjoy them. Take your time and get back in ya'lls groove.

Thank you for your selfless service and sacrifices. Thanks to your family too. I know it hasn't been easy for them. Whenever I look around me at all that is America, I am never forgetful of how it is all possible.

God Bless you, your fellow troops, and the families of you all. You truly make us all proud and hopefully greatful with an appropriate amount of humility.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

god bless you all for the job(dangerous) that you are doing.. with out the armed forces there would be no peace for the rest of us.. your wee one looks like a trooper tak care and a safee journey in this life..terre


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