15 October 2006


The picture on the left is the last picture of Mark that I took before getting back on the bus/train/plane back to Iraq, he was about 10 days old in this picture. The picture on the right is the newest picture that my sweetie has sent me. Mark is about 3.5 months old in this one.

When I look at the newer pictures of Mark my initial thought is, "Hey, that's a cute kid!" Then I remember that he's MY kid.

Before troops go back home, the Army sends us to a bunch of different briefings that try and prepare us for life outside the war zone. In one of those briefings we hear a guy tell us that even though we've been gone for a year that the world has kept spinning and that things have changed back home. "It won't be the same as when you left," they tell us.

When I first left for Iraq, my wife was barely (emphasis on barely) showing that she was pregnant. When I came back for R&R she was 9 months pregnant and when I left again for Iraq we had an adorable little prune named Mark. Now I see pictures and videos of this little person smiling, wiggling, making noise. Yeah, things have changed.


Blogger Louise said...

He's trying to sit up. Here's hoping he saves that big trick for when you get home.

Anonymous Solo said...

Louise, he's he's doing crunches, working on getting in shape for when dad comes home. I think he's got big plans for the old man. He is one cute kid, there's no denying it. I'm always in awe of babies. They have so much life ahead of them. I figure Mark's pretty smart too. He picked his parents well.

Anonymous Leta said...

I'm going to miss family day once you are back with your family UNLESS you continue to keep us posted on that precious little one. How will we know when Mark takes his first step? Says his first word? Has his first cup of coffee with Dad at the family coffee shop? (Which by the way I love to visit one day)

Deepest and most sincere gratitude and thanks to you and your family Bandit. Hopefully more people will open their minds and hearts to the concept that deployment is more than guns, battles and separation from family and friends. Service is a choice many make and deployment is what you all endure so that you can return to your families and friends after making a positive difference for all of us and our futures.

Stay safe.

Anonymous kelly said...

yep that is one cute kid. i will also miss family day once youare home, but willbe forever grateful for the fine blogging you are doingher,, getting out the truth while sharing yourmost precious..
thanksagain B36, Mark and marksmoma ma.

Blogger LoveMyTanker said...

They do grow so very fast. Thanks to you and your wife for sharing the pics. He is adorable!!

Blogger dcat said...

Make sure to keep us all updated on Mark when you get back home!

May you be there to see him walk too!

Anonymous yankeemom said...

That little guy is just too cute! and getting cuter every week!
I think it's unanimous here - we will all miss the updates! hint hint...

Blogger Mike's America said...

Very cute! I hope you haven't missed out on too much of his toddlerhood.

Anonymous Anna said...

What a beautiful son you have, Bandit! I hope you are with him safe and sound very soon!

Stay strong, stay safe!


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