08 October 2006

Ask A Troop Sunday

Man, is it Sunday already?

During the week I weed out the occasional idiotic rant because I don't want this blog to deteriorate into a flamewar firepit that I've seen so many become. An ounce of prevention don't 'ya know.

Sundays are different though. On Ask A Troop Sunday I invite moonbats of every pursuasion to spill their bile all over the comments section in hopes of containing the child-like "did not, did too" arguments that are so pervasive on the net.

If you've got a question that you've always wanted to ask a Soldier in the US Army then now's your chance. The only disclaimer is that the answer you get will be my opinion based on my observations and experiences as a troop and in no way represents an official statement by the DoD. I also will not answer questions that my give bad guys a piece of the puzzle they can use to figure out how to hurt my buddies over here.


Anonymous kindlingman said...

It is almost impossible to turn on TV or read the paper or the blogs without seeing references to republican this and democratic that. My question: Could you please describe how/if the troops discuss their politics and whether that has any importance or not when outside the Green Zone?

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

I don't hear a lot of republican vs. democrat chatter amongst the troops. Really. When troops do talk politics, in my experience, the issues they/we talk about don't include the war because we're all pretty much in agreement on it. By and large, troops don't mix with politics. Party out of distaste and partly because we do what they tell us. Most troops just want to do their job, whatever it happens to be.

As for how that talk matters when troops roll outside the wire, it doesn't. All that matters really is good guys (us) vs bad guys (insurgents/terrorists/etc).

Blogger RFIDcentral said...

I'm especially interested in getting some firsthand reaction to the broadcasts of Vietnam underground radio broadcaster Dave Bunny, when his show is on in Baghdad this month.

Anonymous Leta said...

Realizing it depends on "where you are" and the time of year - what are the top three items least needed in care packages sent to Iraq and what are the three MOST needed. There's been a HUGE discussion on another blog. Since I send a lot of care packages I'd like to know if you hear a lot of talk among the guys/gals over there. So, let's have it - from the horses mouth.

Again, I realize some of you have more access to the PX than others while even more have NO access for weeks at a time but I imagine you "hear" a lot of comments on this.

Thanks Bandit.


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