08 October 2006


When my sweetie sent me this picture I wasn't sure if I should smile or put on my war face, but when I heard the story behind it I couldn't help chuckling.

It would seem that little Mark was left in the care of some kids from the youth group that my sweetie and I volunteer at while my sweetie was attending to some necessary chores. I can't recall what it was exactly that drew her away, but it was during this time that the kids hatched their diabolical plot. They put a new liner in the garbage can which was followed by an unsuspecting Mark and both were put in the middle of the room the kids were in. After completing this step of their plot, one of them produced a camera and positioned herself by the door to capture my sweetie's expression upon discovering her only child wasn't on the can, but in it.

I'm told that her expression was captured in pixels and was well worth the trouble, something of a mix between amusement and the urgent desire to shred the limbs of those responsible. I'm still looking forward to seeing that one, but I doubt I'll share it here.

It's another picture to put in the album to show girlfriends we don't approve of.

In other news, the go-home day is quickly approaching and I find that I'm starting to have to find distractions to keep from thinking about it. Unfortunately for those efforts, a lot of the tasks we're doing right now are go-home tasks so I have no choice but to think about it.

I have noticed that when I do start thinking about home, my thoughts don't extend much further past being with my family. Going places and doing things with them, heck I'm even fantasizing about sitting on the couch and napping with them.

As far as my job goes, my official title is Platoon Leader which is typically a job you get for no more than 12 months. I've had it for 15 so there's no doubt that I'll be getting moved out shortly after getting home. I've heard rumors about where they'll be assigning me and what I might be doing, but in any case it's back in Germany with my family. Right now I'd be happy to dig a hole and fill it up every day if it meant I could go home and see my sweetie and my son at the end of the day.

Even though I'm really looking forward to seeing my family again, don't be mistaken; serving my country and the people of Iraq for these last months is something that I'm extremely happy and proud to have been a part of. The day when my son is old enough to start asking questions about the world and he asks me if I was in the war will be a very proud day for me. Being able to look him in the eye and say, "Yes I was, I was in Baghdad," and answer all his questions will be one of the thrills of my life.


Anonymous Leta said...

He's really growing up!

Thanks for sharing this story. I love it!

Stay safe!

Blogger Louise said...

He looks like a reluctant Oscar the Grouch. Hehehe.

Anonymous Anna said...

Very cute!

You stay safe, stay strong and keep your head down buddy!

Blogger Rob said...

Digging holes and filling them back up. Yep, sounds like army work. ;) Love ya bro.

Blogger Pd Daniel said...

Hi Bandit...

if you find yourself in the san Fernando Valley area, myself and an ex Medic would love to buy you and yours dinner at a steakhouse near us.

This is by way of a THANK YOU for your service and the cool blog that has filled in a needed blank in the MSM.

Email me if you find time.



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