07 October 2006

Rolling Victory Fast ... Again

Well it's my day for the Rolling Victory Fast again and so far so good! I managed to snag something of a day off and I slept in this morning, a very welcome break indeed.


Blogger Louise said...

Hey Bandit, it's a long weekend here in Canada (Thanksgiving). Hope to sleep in at least one day.

Blogger dcat said...

Enjoy Bandit!

Happy Thanksgiving you chunuk you ;)

Anonymous Leta said...

Wondered "where you were". Thought of you first thing this morning and "sent" you a wish for good fasting. We're behind you on this AND for sure your service.

Anonymous PatriotDream said...

I was about to say it is dinner time here... but no, recalling my own fast day, that would not be the best choice of words!! However my thought was that your day is over and successful no doubt...eat that Cindy!!! Congratulations on your second go around, Bandit.


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