26 July 2006

Maliki to Terrorists...

... SUCK IT!

I just watched PM Maliki speak to congress and here's what I got out of it:
  • He wants Iraq to be the "grave yard of terror and terrorists"
    • Questions?
  • He said that when ISF are trained and equipped that the Coalition mission will be finished
    • Psst, this means that we go home. Pay attention to this as it will probably be a leading indicator of 'when'.
I wanted to hold off on this and include it in the next B36 Video News show, but I think that in light of the recent criticism that has been dished out as a result of the Baghdad security situation that now is a good time to bring this to light.
This map shows the concentration of attacks on civilians in Iraq over the last month. Now, I may be reading into it a little too deeply, but it looks to me that securing Baghdad will go a long way towards eliminating violence in the entire country. And wasn't Operation Together Forward centered on Baghdad? Hmm, I wonder if the sudden uptake in terror attcks in Baghdad could be due to the fact that the bad guys executing these attacks realize that if we do secure Baghdad then their dark vision for Iraq's future will become impossible to bring to fruition.
(Note the period on my last sentence, it's not a question.)

Remember where you heard this, when we move the additional troops into Baghdad there will be more violence, there will be more death. If we let the operation go for a couple weeks, see the deaths, and run around bleating "quagmire" we will lose.

My plea is to let the operation run its course, be patient, let us find and kill the bad guys. We will accomplish our mission. We will secure Baghdad. We will defeat terrorists.


Anonymous dj elliott said...

What surprised me was that Ramadi has settled down enough not to be highlighted on this chart...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello B36,
thanks for this post, it is more proof that the only place to get the real news and facts, the truth and the only good news, is the mil blogs and the iraqi blogs. i feel like i know way more then most of the people i know who only read the frickin, local newspapers in our "big city" ha!
Thanks again to you for your service and your family for their sacrafice and to all the others who serve with you. I am with you!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bandit, your blog continues to be superb. Thanks so much for all the work you invest in it. While I don't always write comments, I do read every word you write. What great talent you demonstrate in your writing. You were spot on about what could be expected from increasing forces to secure Baghdad. Continue to ignore the msm and naysayers. They are loud but not compelling. the plumppig.

Anonymous Anna said...

Another awesome post and I will probably have to pinch that map to pass along the good news! I too, am tired of the "it's a civil war" and "it's a quagmire" bleating!

Keep up the great work and stay safe!

Blogger Cop the Truth said...

You have my support! Do your job and come home safely. Kill, don't capture! Godspeed!

Blogger MonicaR said...

I know that you absolutely will complete your mission and you will do a superb job. No bleating and whining from me. God bless.

Blogger Wayne said...

Good hunting B36, remember, Apache support is never far away and they are more than anxious to help you guys out.
There are many prayers going out for all of you over there.

Death Stalker 12

Blogger Wayne said...

By the way, great Apache pic on your headline!



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