24 July 2006

Iraqi Polls

Thanks to a post by fellow milblogger Wayne of Savannah Daydreamin' I was able to find a recent poll that was conducted by the International Republican Institute. I'll post the highlights, but I'd encourage everyone to read the whole report.
(1 - Security, 2 - Infrastructure, 3 - Economic development, 4 - Withdrawal of Coalition Forces)


Blogger Wayne said...


Thanks for the plug, people actually visit my blog now. Took the liberty and added you to my blog roll and included a plug back your way.
If you ever find yourself in trouble, never hesitate to call for Apaches on station, they'll be there for you as I know a ton of the guys over in your neck of the woods right now.


Anonymous lee mcdaniel said...


The 89% saying a unity government is necessary for future peace and properity stood out for me. i take that as a "positive.

Hang in there.

Anonymous Janet said...

I also noted the unity government figure but was particularly taken by the fact that withdrawl of coalition forces came in a distant fourth - for all those who keep harping on the "occupation" please read the polls and give us a rest. Thanks for this informative poll, courtesy of Wayne at Savannah Daydreamin' and the Intn'l Republican Institute. This is truly very GOOD NEWS!!!


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