22 July 2006

B36 News - 22 July 2006

When you hear someone say "quagmire" or "failed policy", remind them that while the policy decision is made by politicians, the success or failure of that policy rests on the shoulders of the military. If the policy fails it's because the military failed. Ladies and gentlemen, this is simply not the case. Agree or disagree with the policy, but once the decision is made, help us make it happen.

Mine's Bigger
So it seems that terrorists were doing their dirty deeds, planting an IED when one of our F16 pilots spotted them. After recieving confirmation that these were, in fact, bad guys, this pilot showed them what a real explosive could do. Presto, three less terrorists!
"Our message is clear to those who continue to harm innocent civilians and attack coalition forces: if terrorists continue their activities, we will identify, track and take appropriate action to stop them," said Air Force Brig. Gen. Anthony Haynes, Combined Air Operations Center director.
Troops Support The Mission
A recent survey published in the Stars & Stripes shows that 76% of deployed troops feel that being in Iraq is "worthwhile". Now before this is spun in an attempt to say that "A quarter of US troops oppose the war", think about this. Those surveyed were deployed troops, and 3/4 of them believe that leaving the comfort and security of their families and homes is worth their time and the right thing to do. Leaving home, travelling to an unfamiliar place, being surrounded by strangers, some of whom are willing to kill themselves if it means killing an American, and risking life and limb is the right thing to do according to 75% of those who are doing it.

Operation Gaugamela
The leaders of the city of Hawija, ISF and Coalition troops have kicked off Operation Gaugamela designed to squash the terror attacks that have been targeting local ISF. So far the violence has been very limited even though 28 suspects have been captured along with a lot of weapons, ammunition and explosives.


Blogger andrea/pj's said...

oh, the horror of getting
the terrorist's!!!!!
stop doing that SHIT!!
some people back home
want another 9-11,here
on our land...

great job guys and gals!!!
i really do appreciate
everything u do!!!

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

baha man,
you must have missed the sign at the bottom of the comments page.

Idiocy is not tolerated here.

Blogger The Griper said...

I don't consider 76% a bad number in a survey. The fact the other 24% disagree but still remain and do their job says a lot for them as a soldier.

In fact, I'd have a problem if the figure was 100%. That would give the opponents of the war grounds to declare that the survey was rigged. It would also be perceived as a survey of soldiers blindly parroting their commanding officers.

We saw the response to the voting for Saddam when he said 100% was behind him.

Blogger Robert F. Griffing said...

76% is very good! It means that some people who didn't vote for our Pres. support what we're doing there. It also means that our citizen soldiers--all of them--are doing their duty in a great way!!

Go troops!!

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

I remember seeing polling data in the Stars & Stripes back around the election. They surveyed troops from all branches and ranks, asking who they'd vote for and just about the exact same number said they'd vote for Bush. Think about that in light of the fact that during that election we were fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, and those who were in the fight overwhelmingly supported the guy who led them into it.


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