23 April 2006

Bacon 1, Tooth 0

The cursed bacon has struck a mighty blow against my right front tooth, opening an old wound and exposing what remains of my original tooth. Luckily for me, the clinic was only a few short steps away from where I was when I broke my tooth and they kindly informed me that I had only an hour to get to the hospital where the dental clinic was located. I hustled off to get my gear on for my trek to the hospital and flashed large smiles to everyone I knew along the route. No one knew that this was not the first time that this had happened or that my two front teeth are root canaled so I played up the fact that it didn't hurt by poking it, tapping it, drinking hot coffee. When I made it to the hospital I found that the dental clinic was closed on Sundays. Yippee. So now I get to run around and scare the dickens out of random passers by as they cringe and say, "Doesn't that hurt?" to which I can boldy reply, "Only a bit."Sorry sweetie, I'm trying to get it fixed.


Blogger Rob said...

You're all about keeping score, winner s and losers. Why can't we ALL be winners, hmm? Bacon 1, Tooth 1, mmkay? See, doesn't that sound better? Group hug!

Anonymous BensWahfy said...

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I'm gonna have to kick that bacon's butt! Oh wait. Bacon IS butt. Pig butt. Hey sweetie, you broke your tooth biting piggy butt! Ewwwwwwwww! Ok, I'm a dork. Hope they do a decent job patching you up... don't want our son to see his Dad the first time with a broken smile! Then again, he won't have ANY teeth, so he can't really complain...
Well, bummer about the tooth, hope they can fix it, but bottom line: I love you even when you have a broken tooth!
The Wahfy +babyboy

Blogger Miriam said...

Hi there,

I was blog hopping and came across yours. Just wanted to wish you and your buddies well! Bye!

Blogger Justin said...

dude, way to be a boy. and something else i was gonna say but forgot. i dunno. be encouraged. or something.


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