21 April 2006

Busy days

It's been pretty busy around here for the last few days. I guess the highlight of recent days would be yesterday's Hail and Farewell. For those who don't know, a hail & farewell is what the military does to welcome those who have joined recently and those who will be departing shortly. These events typically are mandatory fun events, but of recent we've actually been enjoying ourselves. I was lucky(!?) enough to be the mug who put together the entertainment this time and I figured I should go with what I knew. What did that mean? LAN PARTY!!!

Yes, I know, I know, I'm a geek. A LAN Party is when a bunch of computer game players get together and challenge eachother to see who is truly the mightiest gamer... or who has the most time to spend playing video games. I set up a small network and about 7 other people brought their computers so that we could play our game of choice for the night, Battlefield 1942 - Desert Combat 0.7. I know, some of you who know the game and me must be somewhat amused, I'm a Soldier deployed to Iraq and I'm playing video games featuring Soldiers deployed to Iraq. To add to the gaming we hooked up a projector screen to my computer so people could watch as I picked my buddies off and to attract other gamers. I only stayed at it until about 2330, then it was time to get to bed for me. The guys you see on the right side of the picture stayed at it until way later though. I think we're going to have to make a habit out of it.

Something else that made my week a bit more interesting was when one of the civilians that works here tried to fit a 1 meter wide Polaris Mule through a 1 yard wide hallway.

It took about a half hour and several large, manly types to get it unstuck. The driver had to bail out through the windshield to help move it. We all laughed and pointed mercilessly. Ha ha!

Oh yeah, work. I did some work this week too, lots of it in fact. I know that previously I had mentioned how I felt like I wasn't really making an impact or being productive, but after this week and some of the changes that came with it, I really don't feel that way any more. =)


Anonymous BensWahfy said...

Heya my Nerd-Babe,
glad to hear you had fun at the LAN party. Geek! =o)))
1m wide vehicle in a 1 yard wide hallway? Sounds very Austin-Powerish. And funny!
=o) Love you!!!!!!!!!
The Wahfy +babyboy


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