15 March 2006

This whole Al-Qaeda thing

As I sit here thinking I'm listening to Fox News talk about the situation here on the ground. It drives me crazy to hear people who've never been here talk about this place like they helped build it. The host of this particular segment asked one of his guests if he thought that civil war in Iraq could be avoided. The guest responded that he thought there already was civil war and proceded to open his mouth and confirm my suspicion. Not only are the claims of these knuckleads blatantly wrong, but they greatly discredit the efforts of the Iraqi security forces and political/religious leaders. Newsflash, coalition military aren't the ones keeping the peace on this one. Can you imagine the impact if there was even a hint of favoritism on the part of the coalition? STOP using these brave Iraqis as pawns in domestic politics.

As for the Al Qaeda plot, let me just say that I sleep just as well knowing about this as I do not knowing about it. It's a success story. Bad guys had a plan to do bad things and good guys did what they're supposed to do and stopped the bad guys. For those who may worry about me, rest assured that I have plenty of ammo and am a pretty dang good shot.


Blogger Justin said...

i love it how you freak out about this stuff. very moving.


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