09 March 2006

Late again! *smacks self*

I think I'm going to have to set myself a meeting reminder for when I need to post updates to this dog-gone thing. I get ideas for things to write about during the day, but can't get time to type them out so when I do get time I'm usually getting ready to rack out.

The last couple days (weeks?) have been jam packed. Not so busy that I'm overworked, but busy enough that I don't really get to sit around and think of what I could be doing. I've been sleeping a lot more lately, I guess it's a result of work. Time I would have spent playing video games or watching TV I now typically spend sleeping. Last Saturday afternoon I went back to my trailer at about 1700 or so to watch TV and relax a bit before dinner. I woke up Sunday morning at 1000. The rest of the day it seemed like my brain was mis-firing. I couldn't remember if something happened yesterday or last week. I got 6 hours of sleep Sunday night and when I woke up Monday I felt like a million bucks. Weird, it seems like the more sleep I get the worse off I am.

On more interesting news, I got to take a trip out into the red zone today. Some of my troops needed to head out to a building just outside the green zone. It was a short walk from the gate to the building, pretty uneventful, only got shot at a couple times... just kidding. People were smoking and joking all over the place along the route. Once we were in the building it got more interesting, there were locals all over the place. Did my best to look big and scary and I guess it worked, no one asked any questions about why we were there or what we were doing. So I get my red zone stamp on my passport now.

Check out our unit logo =)

If you look close you can see the composition of the skull and lightning bolts. We're trying to get this put on T-shirts for the unit.


Blogger Justin said...

I like. very cool. wicked looking, and i do indeed like what you've made it out of. classy:)

Anonymous Brian said...

Thought of you today, they just announced today that their going to try and find an American company for the Port Security Deal.. anyway liked your thoughts on that one. Had a fun conversation with you wife (but she was my sister first) about the future of little Ben Brian Bradley Jr. :)- (she informed me that was not going to be his name... I feel completely crushed :0) ).. Anyway stay green or something like that, and I'll talk to yah soon (whatever happened to getting skype?)


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