26 March 2006

Me & McCain

Yesterday I was sitting at my computer and I got word that, among others, Sen. John McCain was going to be visiting the embassy. When I got up to the embassy to the room where the good Senator was going to be making his appearance I found that some of the other political figures accompanying were already making the rounds smiling and posing with the troops. As I scanned the room looking for Sen. McCain, I noticed a number of important looking guys in suits running around, but sadly I didn't see Sen. McCain. One of these important suits was handing out calling cards left and right to those troops who were standing around waiting for Sen. McCain to arrive. As he approached me and offered me a card I took it and said "Thank you sir." He never looked up to make eye contact and moved on much as he had done to the 20 or so Soldiers that he had approached before me.

Shortly after this I saw someone, who was obviously one of the suits worker-bees, carying a box and mumbling "Where'd he get to?" As I glanced at the box I had to do a double take since I thought I had read "Feingold" written along the side of the box. I had to think for a second, where had I heard that name before? Then I remembered, oh yeah, he's that guy who's trying to censure the President. Odd, I must have misread it.

Not long after that I saw a flury of action at one of the doors and people began to crowd around. Then in came Sen. McCain and just about every troop in the room clamored to shake his hand. He was instantly surrounded by smiling faces and he shook every hand that was offered. Thanks to my height I had an interesting view of the area around and outside the crowd. All of the suits that had been making the rounds were now trying to scrape up the leftovers of those who hadn't started their orbit of Sen. McCain. I too kept myself as near as possible hoping to get my picture taken with him and, if I was lucky, to get an autograph. When I had finally worked my way to the front of the crowd I stuck my hand forward, got a good solid handshake, picture, and he even autographed the back of one of my business cards.

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Once I had my picture taken I worked myself back away from the crowd to let someone else take their turn. Afterwords I went to the nearby chow line and made myself a sandwich. I took a seat at a nearby table and began eating. As I ate I overheard someone next to me talking with his buddies about the politicians that we had all just met. What caught my attention was when he said, "Yeah, that Feingold is a little guy."

Wait, who was that?

Feingold! I hadn't misread that box. That got me thinking, did I meet him? I started to think back to try and picture a little guy in a suit. I thought about the guy with the box, no he was a pretty big guy, and didn't look anything like the guy I've seen on TV. I kept thinking and it popped into my head. He was the guy handing out calling cards! I couldn't help but chuckle.


Blogger Robert F. Griffing said...

Not Bad! He's one of the guys worth watching for '08

Blogger Justin said...

sweet dude. right on. sounds like a chipper day. score. other short monosyllabic ways of expressing shock and awe.

Blogger Rob said...

Pretty sweet to be in the middle of history. To think...presidential wannabes are travelling across the world to visit you.


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