25 March 2006

The Desert Fox

Funny thing happened yesterday. I took my RC car out for a spin in an open area and while I was turning donuts with my little off-roader, lo and behold, a small fox starts chasing it. I was stunned at first, trying to figure out where the heck this thing came from, then trying to figure out what it was doing. Turns out he just seemed to be curious of my car. I started driving it around and he kept chasing after it. For about 15 minutes this little fox played with my car, sneaking up to sniff it when it stopped and jumping with fright when it peeled out leaving a cloud of dust in it's wake. I kicked myself as I didn't have a camera to take a picture of it.

As far as work goes, the last couple days have been pretty quiet. Had an issue with one of the events that has some high visibility (a.k.a. lotsa brass) and everyone was running around like they had their hair on fire and needed me to put it out... and you know how I put out fires *grin* In the end it was all for almost naught. Someone said about 3 sentences to someone with a lot of rank who nodded and said, "Ok" and it was over. I got my head patted and moved on to my next meeting.


Blogger Robert F. Griffing said...

Regarding your previous post. There are plenty of hysterical anti-war types (as opposed to the thoughtful ones). They won't go away. Just ignore them. Thank you for your service!!!



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