21 March 2006


I did some poking around today on the internet to try and find a certain rifle that I saw a troop carrying today and managed to track it down. It's the Fulton Armory M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle (pictured below)

Picture this with a scope mounted on it. This rig as it stands runs about $2300, but after I accessorized it, it came closer to $3000.

In all likelihood, this will end up on the list of really cool stuff that I've always wanted to buy, but when it came time to put the money on the counter I pulled back and did something smart with it. Yeah, when I win the lottery, this is one of those things that I'm gonna get. While I'm at it I may as well work up my lottery wishlist. Understand that I'm going to indulge myself here for a second and focus on things that I want to get for myself. Nothing kind or thoughtful or sweet, just that visceral, basic "Zog want!" impulse. Now that I've sufficiently caveated this as a completly selfish, self-serving list, here we go:

(in no particular order)
  • Fulton Armory M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle ~ $3000 (add for ammo)
  • Custom built (by me) computer ~ $4000 (add for internet & games)
That's about it. These are the things that I would want to buy strictly for my own benefit/pleasure. Naturally, with a kid on the way, it will likely be a long time before we have this kind of money to just spend on me. Oh well, I guess it's important to have goals ... or whatever you want to call these.

Makes me think, are these things that I simply want to have or want to use? What's gained simply by "having" these things. Nothing comes to mind. If I were to have these things, what would I "do" with them? I'd shoot things with the M14 and, potentially, use the computer at work and, more likely, to play computer games with. The trick is to hook up with someone else to play computer games or shoot things with. Lucky for me, my sweetie is a good shot. Just need to get her a rifle. =) Start lookin sweetie, I'd recommend a .22LR =)


Blogger Justin said...

so, what's the rate of fire on that sucker? looks nice, expensive, but sort of breakable...i dunno. i'm not really one to talk.

"Zog want" I love it. i want to.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have Smith Enterprise, Inc. build one for you when you get home. Request the U.S.N. SEAL MK14 MOD 0 EBR with the 18.0' chrome lined barrel.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sage International makes the seal mark 14 mod 0 ebr chassis.

I think they run about 800$. You can score a m1a1 for around 1200 on gunbroker. And South african surplus 762 Nato ammo for < 50 cents each.
So way below 3 grand for that setup


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