22 March 2006

At it again

I did it again. Today at lunch I was passing through the pages of the Stars and Stripes on my way to the comics section as I usually do and as I turned one of the pages my eyes came to rest on this picture. On the horizontal stick was written the name of a young Soldier who died over here in Iraq. I paused to read the story that went along with the picture and found out that this photo was taken at an anti-war rally where many people had similar popsicle stick crucifixes bearing the name of a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine who's died during the course of the war.

How incredibly disrespectful and devisive. Not only do these people have the audacity to use dead troops as fodder for their petty politics, but the best they can do in their pathetic attempts is popsicle sticks. "This war is unjust! We're needlessly losing America's best and bravest ... just like the one whose name someone wrote on this confectionary by-product that, at best, I'll throw in the trash after the protest, but most likely I'll just drop it in the street somewhere once it's served its purpose."

I know this won't have its desired effect, but it will make me feel better to say it. If my name should end up on the KIA list, don't disrespect me by using my name in a similar manner. While I wish very much that I were at home with my wife (and very shortly, my child!), I'm honored to be doing my part for my country and for this country. And though I would get to go home and be with my family again, if I were to be sent home before the job was finished here I would never forget the dishonor and disrespect that would show to the people of Iraq and my fellow Soldiers.

Let us do our job.


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