18 March 2006

Male call

So there I was, sitting at my desk minding my own business. From out of nowhere the door behind me is flung wide open and in walks a Soldier striking an intimidating pose while cooly removing his dark sun glasses. This Soldier is on a mission and in order to accomplish this mission he needs to extract information from the mail handler (now is an appropriate time to giggle) who works in my office. After looking up and confirming that the mail handler *still giggling* is in the room, this Soldier loudly asks,
"Hey, how big is my package?"
After a few seconds of stunned silence and an exchange of confused glances with the others in the room, we all simultaneously burst out laughing as the realization of what he just said settles in on the Soldier. "Uhh, that didn't come out exactly as I had intended," he says trying to recover from such a classic blunder. It has no effect on our shared amusement as we continue to roll on the dusty floor holding our stomaches and kicking our feet as we laugh uncontrollably at the misfortune of this poor, unsuspecting, and otherwise respectable Soldier. After much laughter, a few tears, and some assorted mumbling it's made appearant that this Soldier was actually trying to ascertain the contents of the box he recieved in the mail as he is expecting several of differing sizes. Much to our delight, and his dismay I'm sure, we all can't help but make reference to his question at every available opportunity.

This then is one of those moments on which deployment ledgends and stories are built and I would be remiss in my duties as a Soldier if I didn't do my part to help archive and perpetuate these ledgends.


Anonymous Brian said...

My Roomate Brandon and I had a very similar response upon me reading it to him

Blogger Justin said...

amen. good man. perpetuate.

Anonymous Brian said...

I remembered.. I guess he really dropped the ball on that one


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