15 January 2006

Going with the flow...

And here we have a wonderful example of what it is that a signal officer does. What you see here is called a signal-flow diagram. It's primary use is to troubleshoot and explain how a user can, for example, pick up the phone on his desk in a tent and make a phone call to, oh say, the president (or whomever). The occasion for this particular diagram was my technical control facility (TCF) guys were trying to explain to me how a certain link wouldn't work the way it was planned and what needed to be done to make it work. I don't mean to brag, but I've got probably the best TCF guys in country, they've saved my rear from many a chewing many a time. The guys we have working here, not just in the TCF, can do some pretty amazing things, and from what I hear the whole crew out here is a much more professional crew than at some of the other sites. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside =)

Back to the meetings tomorrow. I've decided I'm going to start keeping a meetings score card, try and get an idea for how much time I spend talking to folks rather than doing the things that I'm talking with them about. Should make for quite an interesting powerpoint graphic. =)

Oh, and before I forget ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUGAR!!! LUB! Posted by Picasa


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