22 September 2006

B36 News - 22 September 2006

Send Me
In a press release yesterday, the US Army (hooah!) announced that it will reach its recruiting and retention goals for the year ... in the middle of an "unpopular" war. This is an amazingly positive and morale-boosting bit of news for me personally as it shows that there are enough Americans out there who not only support us and our efforts, but are willing to give up their lives of relative comfort to stand by our side and help out.

In the face of a ruthless onslaught of negativity by the media, 80,000 Americans have raised their right hand and said, "Send me." Send me to the desert of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan. Send me somewhere where I will have to wear a kevlar and a plated vest in the scorching heat. Send me somewhere where I may get shot at, or have IEDs explode as I drive past, or have rockets and mortars launched at me. Send me somewhere where I can make a difference. Send me to defend the helpless and weak. Send me to make the world safer. Send me.

On top of the 80,000 Americans standing up and volunteering for the first time, the Army will also meet it's goals for re-enlisting those of us who have already raised our right hand.

It has been my distinct honor to have administered the Oath of Enlistment to three of my Soldiers while we've been deployed to Baghdad. These troops decided to raise their right hand and say "send me, again".

The first re-up picture was taken at the Crossed Swords, formerly home to Saddam's parades and shows of military might. The second is taken at our company headquarters on the grounds of Saddam's Republican Guard Palace. The third is in the pool behind the US Embassy, the troop re-enlisting was told he could do it anywhere where security allowed it. He wanted to get us all in the pool while in uniform. In we went.


Anonymous opinionsarefree said...

The re-enlistment rates are very special as these guys know exactly what they are letting themselves in for and do it anyway. Please pass on my endless thanks and gratitude to any of these guys you come in conact with. (This news will make my wife very happy as it means they probably won't be raising the age limit this year.)

Anonymous Anna said...

That is awesome B36! You all are awesome and I cannot thank you enough for all you do!

Stay strong, stay safe and keep your head down!

Blogger Flag Gazer said...

Once again, you have given us news to make us smile and let our American pride soar!

Thank you all for your service to our country and to your important missions!

Blogger bg said...

hi there B36.. :)

shows to go ya that while Soros may own the Dems & the MSM.. our Troops not only own the hearts of Americans, but they are the heart of America!! :+:

God bless soldiers everywhere for putting
THEIR lives on the line to protect US ALL
from terrorism!

Blogger Rob said...

Love the pool pic. =D Give a thank you to all those guys that reupped on my behalf.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bandit36, I have an exceedingly warm feeling for you and the soldiers in that picture. Do believe that the picture should be on page one, above the fold, of the NY Slimez. Rather doubt that they would use it but it's still one of the finest pictures to come out of the war. I'm convinced that you will be missed in more ways than one, when you return to your Sweetie and son, Mark. But you've paid your dues and now it's your family's turn. God bless you and all the people who serve.

Anonymous Janet said...

This was the best of the best good news. I am so incredibly moved by this exemplification of what good men and women this country produces. Thanks for this not just good, but great news Bandit!!! Congratulations to the 80,000 and the three you have enlisted AGAIN!! God bless and keep you.

Blogger devildog6771 said...

To those who reenlisted, gratitude seems such a small response to your selflessness. But, thank you! and God bless you all. I served during the 60's. Of course I wasn't allowed in combat. But I still felt personally or through the guys the way our nation felt about and treated the military service members. I couldn't wait to get out. But, except for the fact of my kids, I have regretted it often.

It is a heart warming thing to see the troops now be treated with the respect that is their due. I often reflect back to that other time and still feel the sadness and isolation I felt them for myself and the troops who went into combat. It still brings a tear to my eyes.

I am glad to see that there are still young people in our country who believe in duty, honor, and country now, epecially since there is so little allowed to be publicly shown or taught to our young people.

I see many people getting fed up with the MSM and other negative people. I think the recent 9/11 events reminded many what this is all about.

I can't help but feel at times a fear that those fools will succeed in their efforts to thwart the President and we'll see another example of the political cowardice of the 60's. I become even more afraid when I consider all that will be lost this time. Especially since they just can't seem to grasp the concept that those terrorists really do want to destroy us.

but enough of that. You don't really want to hear about all that. Especially where you are now.

Take care Bandit. Be safe!


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