21 September 2006

President Bush Doesn't Trust MSM

This is a clip of a video that I watched that was linked on NewsBusters.com that featured CNN correspondent Michael Ware blabbering that the US military doesn't know what's really going on in Iraq ... and of course he has the real insight.

Rather than rip his arguments to shreds, I decided to focus on what President Bush had to say in an interview with Wolf Blitzer.
"... I've got to learn it from people who are there on the ground."
If only more Americans would do the same.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If 25% of the politicians and hangers-on in Washington had the integrity and courage that Bush has wouldn't this be a wonderful change from what we now have running our country? He's made mistakes but which president didn't? Somehow, that point is conveniently overlooked by both sides of the aisle as well as the unprincipled, amoral, biased media. (That last sentence is redundant, isn't it?) Thanks for your works Bandit36. Great site; one of the few I read consistently.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

all i can say to that is AMEN, thank GOD George Bush IS President of America, ans ditto to what B36 Said.

Anonymous Mamabear said...

With all of his faults and foibles I am soooo glad he is our president, just think about what might have been, God help us all.

He is principled and dedicated.

When my son was getting his Eagle Award thru boy scouts he tried to finagle the dates so that Clinton would not be the president to sign his award--to this day it bothers him that he was not successful.

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

see the icons below regarding the deleted comment

Blogger devildog6771 said...

It would seem that our President is not the simpering fool many would have us believe he is. I agree with all everyone above said. He has been a dedicated and determined President against all odds.

In my 58 years, no president has hurdled the obstacles this man has. I often wonder where he gets his stamina and courage. He must feel awful lonely and isolated at times. Yet, he just kreeps on going and standing tall. I truly respect and admire him.

He is also a man of great compasion. He feels every death of a soldier and every injured. He never allows it to be politicized but he often calls the families of thjose departed. When my nephew was kikilled he personally called Mike's Mom and wife to offer condolances.

Unfortunately, I don't see any politician of his caliber in the running for his job this next election yet. I pray that in the current political climate someone will shine through who will realize as he does and did just how serious thse terrorists are. Taht they will follow through and protect both our nation and Iraq and Afghanistan.


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