16 August 2006


(Tomb of the Unknown Soldier)

(Swords of Victory)

(I had to get a bit tricky to get this picture. The tower is the clock tower that houses the Central Criminal Court of Iraq, that's where insurgents are tried and is in the Red Zone. Usually the view is obscured by blastwalls, but this time I didn't have to climb up on top of a bunker ... I climbed up on a truck. I get a chuckle thinking about what it must have looked like from the other side; a head suddenly pokes over the 12' barbed wire wall, a couple quick clicks, and the head disappears behind the wall.)


Blogger Robert F. Griffing said...

Great stories and Pix! Keep up the great work, and keep the upper lip stiff!

Anonymous Anna said...

Great pictures, but KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN! :)
Stay safe, bandit36!


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