20 July 2006

B36 News - 20 July 2006

A lot of bad news has been getting out lately in the main stream about the 'deteriorating security situation' in Baghdad. Allow me to give a new perspective on this perception through the application of good news.
Citizens of Baghdad Capture Bad Guys
I love this story because it exemplifies just how fed up Iraqis are with the bad guys and how well they're working with the ISF to help secure their neighborhoods. ISF supported by Coalition troops responded to a tip provided by a local Iraqi that bad guys were planning to attack a local police station. When the bad guys realized they had been found out, they put up a brief firefight, then tucked their tail and ran only to be stopped by four civilians.

Everyone Contributes
In a recent interview, BG Mundt tried to explain that no contribuition to the war effort is insignificant. His comments were aimed at troops who feel like they're not helping win the war, a common feeling among support troops who aren't patrolling the streets and shooting bad guys. I agree with him, but I don't think he cast a wide enough net. This doesn't just apply to troops, it applies to everyone everywhere. The middle school student who has an American flag sticker on his note book, the the church group who holds a bake-sale to send a troop a box of beef jerky, every American who pays taxes, all of these people help us fight and win the war.

Ops Roundup - Woman, 4 Children Spared
Summary of the summary: 4 terrorists killed, 34 captured. Among the captured was one particular terrorist who was stopped while in his truck with a woman, four children, mortar tubes, three mortars, and two directional charges. He was captured without incident and the woman and children were released.

Omar Coprs Leader Captured
The Omar Corps is a terrorist group that aims to inflame sectarian violence. The kicker - tips from civilians led the ISF to this terrorist. Iraqis can see that knuckle heads are trying to provoke them into a civil war and they're refusing to take the bait. As Dr. Mouwafak al-Rubaie put it:
“By joining efforts from our intelligence and our security forces, we were able to kill and capture those coward terrorist leaders. We will continue to destroy the terrorism and terrorists anywhere, regardless of any names they use to hide their identities and intention,” al-Rubaie said.


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