12 January 2006

Late night

I took this picture with my webcam at about 2315 on Thursday, 12 Jan 06. I had been working for about 18 hours straight at this point. 15 hours is normal, but tonight was a killer. When I went home I still wasn't done with everything, but I had to get some downtime. I'll be fitted for a permenant caffiene drip in the next couple days. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Robert F. Griffing said...

I found it, Ben...this is a good contact.

Blogger Rob said...

18 hours? Pfft. That's nothing. We are forced to go on 12 hour crew rest where we're prohibited from doing any work or even being contacted by the "office". Now THAT's tough. =P

Blogger PlumpPig said...

Hi Hon,
Robert has helped me create my own blog. My address is http://twosonsserving.blogspot.com

Hope to hear from you soon. Got an email from Katie. She got our baby gifts. Love, Dad

Anonymous Brian said...

Hey Ben,
Brian here, now have your blog. I included some cd's with lotsa messages for the next care package, (3 cd's two of them full, one of them half, so about 1.5 gigs of wma recorded at around 11 kbps..... so about three years worth of Sundays (which is exactly what it is)) hope you enjoy when it finally get's to you

Talk atcha later,


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