25 October 2006

B36 News - 25 October 2006

PT tests, inventories, weapons ranges... we've been really busy here lately. The busyness comes in bursts though. Half of the day will be spent twiddling our collective thumbs, something will happen and the rest of the day is spent running around like madmen with our hair on fire.

It's all ok though. Whatever hoops they put me through, I jump with a smile on my face because I know that I'll be headed home soon.

The news has been looking pretty good lately too. Of course all you're hearing in the MSM is body counts, car bombs, sectarian violence, blah, blah, blah... To the collective 'Chicken Little Media' I only wish to quote General Casey:
The tearing down that our enemies do is infinitely easier than the building up that Iraq requires after three decades of neglect. But building is what Iraq needs, and we have committed $400 million already to projects in support of the Baghdad effort, with almost 600 more million dollars in additional projects to kick in here over the next couple of months

Make no mistake about it, we are in a tough fight here in the center of the country and in Anbar province. But I think it's important to remind people that 90 percent of the sectarian violence in Iraq takes place in about a 30-mile radius from the center of Baghdad; and that secondly, 90 percent of all violence takes place in five provinces. This is not a country that is awash in sectarian violence. The situation is hard, but it's not a country that's awash in sectarian violence.

The American people already know what a magnificent job the men and women of their armed forces are doing here, and we continue to be grateful for their continuing support. But they should also know that the men and women of the armed forces here have never lost a battle in over three years of war. That is a fact unprecedented in military history. They and our Iraqi security forces continue to carry the fight to the enemy every day, and I continue to be in awe of their courage, their agility, their resourcefulness, and their commitment. You can be confident that our service men and women are well-trained, well-equipped, and well-led.

And here's my challenge to the American media:
How about you take the knife out of the back of the those of us who protect your freedoms and stick it in the evil-doers who would pull said knife from our back only to cut our head off with it.

These Chicken Littles say that troops are doing a magnificent job in spite of our civilian leadership. I say we're doing a magnificent job in spite of the subversion of the media.

General Pace, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, held a press briefing in which he tactfully and subtly leveled the same accusation at the media. Basically he said that the bad guys know that the will of the American people is what allows the military to do its job and that the media was doing a good job of helping them defeat that collective will. To all you 'average Americans' out there, this means that the bad guys are trying to make you think it's not worth it and we should come home... this is what the bad guys are saying, sound familiar?

Oh yeah, let's not forget Anbar. The Iraqi Army assumed security responsibility for more of Anbar during the week. This is in spite of media reports claiming Anbar was 'lost'. Also, in the Salah ad Din province, which borders Baghdad to the north east, the tribal leaders followed the example of those in Anbar and are coming together to help secure their province. Shia and Sunni working together to make life better for everyone.


Anonymous Solo said...

Every time al Qaeda puts out a new video, every time the MSM does a doomsday report on Iraq, every time some weak willed politician whines for timlines and pullouts, I hear desperation born by losers. The MSM cares about ratings. Weak willed politicians care about their own agendas. We care about our troops because they are our families. You are the ones that chose to act,to defend, to make sacrifices. You are the ones that witnessed 9/11 and said enough is enough. Ya'll take it to 'em Bandit!

Blogger The Griper said...

very well put, solo and i second your comments. and Bandit, relay to your replacement that we'll stand with him as we stand by you.

Anonymous DJ Elliott said...


I give up.
The Army is broke.
Look what they have for transport...
It is not even uparmored...
Armor must still be in development...

Great photo

Anonymous Solo said...

LOL DJ. I hope he ain't planning on bringing that critter home!

Blogger Louise said...

Another great post, Bandit. I wish there was some way you could continue once you're back home, but I know it wouldn't have the same authenticty about it. Maybe the new guy can step in. I see a very bright future for you. I hope you enjoy a long and successful life with your son and Wahfy (did I spell that right?) and all the other little bandits that come along.

Blogger devildog6771 said...

Great post Bandit. Stay safe. We want to see you go home and enjoy that family of yours. Thank you and God Bless you and your family. Please tell your buddies the same for me.

We look forward to supporting the guys that relieve you guys.

Blogger Arcticman Speaks! said...

I agree with all of you. The only way I've been able to retaliate agaist the MSM is to abandon all T.V., Newspapers, and Radio news. I only read the blogs now. Bandit, I want to thank you again for keeping us posted. And thanks also to all your fellow soldiers and civilians. Try to get your replacement to take over for you and keep us informed.God Bless All Of You!

Blogger Louise said...

Arcticman, I think more and more of us are doing that. I'm not sure it will stop the problem of sound-bites and bleeds-it-leads journalism, though. We need more indepth programming that presents all view along the spectrum. I don't see that happening very soon.

Blogger dcat said...

Thanks Bandit!

Media? Who are they?

There be no media here! What is a TV?

Anonymous Joe said...

Search Inside Milblogs and Only Milblogs

Blogger ratbert said...

the news media in a free society is not an arm of the government, nor should it be. so what i term "independence" you call "a knife in the back of soldiers." either you support an independent media or you do not. let me ask you: what kind of society would it be here in the US if the media fawned all over the military and questioned nothing? well, we know, because the entire lead up to the war was just that way: the main stream media was completely weak kneed, even before the absurd statements of our leaders. so, the question remains: do you want stalinism, where the press supports the Great Leader (and his troops)? or a functioning democracy, with an independent media? these soldiers supposedly fighting for democracy seem pretty weak in their committment to its principles. . . the media's job is the truth, not to be a government cheerleader.

and in fact, the media defers to the government all the time. sure, there are headlines about suicide bombings, but never do we see photos of bodies. the real hell of war is covered up by the conservative MSM.


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