19 August 2006


The big news from the family side is that Mark and MarksMomma are trying to get back to the States to properly introduce the little guy to his grandparents. Before I was able to make it home for the birth, MarksMomma's Momma came over to Germany to be there to help out and meet Mark (tracking?). Unfortunately Mark decided to hang out until after Grandma had to head back to the US and the two weren't able to meet. This will be the first time that my son will have been in the US even though he is an American. I sure wish I could be there to introduce him to his country.


Blogger LoveMyTanker said...

He is adorable! I wish your wife a wonderful and safe trip! Our oldest also made a trip from Germany to the USfor his first time with just me, as daddy was deployed!

Anonymous Anna said...

Ahhhhh!! What a sweet boy! Best wishes for a safe trip and don't worry bandit36, you'll get to do all the important introductions...riding a bike, baseball and all those awesome father and son things!

So, keep your head down and stay safe!

Blogger H.W.A. said...

Ben, I have shared your blog with everyone I know, thanks for keeping us updated. My father is really impressed, as are we all, with your photography. We all agree you need to keep these pics and when you get home get them printed and put together an art show. They are very good and I think you could really have a great showing.

Anonymous Solo said...

Your son has a perpetual smile.

Blogger Mike H. said...

Wide awake and lovin' it. A good start.

Anonymous yankeemom said...

Awwww! too Cute!!


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